7 Low Budget Interior Design Ideas

Inexpensive home decor

Home decoration doesn’t have to be a major project and cost a fortune. Seeking ways to reduce your spending and make your home look expensive? Here’s a selection of powerful money-saving tips on how to give a fresh look to your rooms without breaking your funds. Keep on reading to learn how to put low budget interior design ideas into practice using versatile interior design software.

Fruit Mood

Lacking accessories? Fruits displayed in glass bowls or jars are some affordable yet pricey looking décor for a kitchen. A fresh touch of colorful limes, oranges and lemons will liven up your kitchen. Use unpeeled citrus with fresh natural appeal or opt for faux fruit of cheerfully bright colors for a long-lasting design.

Fresh fruit for a fresh-up

Try this fabulous and creative fruit-themed kitchen décor

Wall Jewelry

Got plenty of jewelry? Then dress up your wall. Thus you will kill two birds with one stone: you get a chic low cost home décor and no tangled necklaces and earrings in your jewelry box. Frame a piece of lace, fishing wire or metal mesh and hang your jewels up . Treasures on display are a simple, creative and cheap way to decorate your room. If you like handicraft stuff, go for a do-it-yourself wall jewelry organizer.

Jewels for a wall

Make your wall sparkle with a jewelry wall organizer

Lampshade Renew

No need to buy pricey accessories if you want to make your home look luxurious. Just get creative and embellish the old ones. For instance, add a personal touch and update a lampshade by decorating it with embroidery floss, covering it with fancy colorful fabric or sticking shabby chic flowers to it. Not only will your lighting get a makeover, but all the space will become freshened up with a new look.

An update for a lampshade

Do not throw old accessories away, instead, give them a new life

Photo Show

A collection of family photos on the wall is always a sure pick of low cost interior design ideas. Photographs can either be the same size or different, themed or separate. Apply a vintage or black & white effect to your pictures to make them look smooth and cohesive, put the images in identical frames, group them as you like and hang them on the wall.

A photo gallery to show off

Create a noticable photo gallery and show it yo your guests

Colorful Tape

Wrapping tape is no more just a solution for a quick fix. Decorate plain and boring items around the house with wrapping tape: make coffee bottles, plant pots and photo frames bright and colorful. Simply stick tape stripes to the surface in varied patterns. Different sizes and various colors give nearly endless possibilities in arts and crafts. Express your creativity and liven up your apartment with eye-catching spots.

Bright decoration for boring things

Add some color to the pale

Kids’ Crafts

Children are restless artists and talented designers. Parents know that kids create a whole lot of colored paintings. Don’t pile them up, don’t get rid of them. Hanging the kids’ drawings in cute frames around the house is a creative inexpensive home décor idea. What’s more, updating this gallery any time is absolutely free for you.

Kids' artistry for a room decor

Hang your kids' paintings on the wall

Nature Inside

Bring pieces of nature inside – make a collection of botanical or butterflies prints in bright hues and those outdoors pieces of art will definitely find its spot on a neutral-colored blank wall. Opt for wooden frames and arrange the pieces in a tight grid pattern for a stylish composition look. You can get the inspiration from the nature itself, just look around.

Nature itself for a human handicraft

Go natural and make a botanical prints composition

Design Makeover with Smart Software

It’s possible to have a carefully decorated beautiful home without draining your wallet. Take a creative approach to giving a new fresh look to your space and you will be surprised how many interior design ideas on a budget you can bring to life easily. Plan your house renovation and decoration with Interior Design 3D. This easy-to-use software was made to help you create your interior design in the most effective time- and money-saving way.

Low budget interior design ideas

Plan your design and décor with Interior Design 3D

Download Interior Design 3D and start remodeling your house – resize and rearrange the furniture, try various wallpaper colors and floor materials and learn how to decorate a small house to make it look more spacious. View how your rooms will look in reality and save the project in PDF or as an image to show it to your friends and family.