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Handy Furniture Layout Tool

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Got a new apartment but still put off furniture arrangement? Sure, it is a responsible task: you want all the furniture to fit in and the interior to feel cozy. Luckily, there is no need to resort to the designer’s office. Plan your living space yourself! You can easily do that with Interior Design 3D, an intuitive furniture planner for novice users. Thanks to its interactive interface, you can make simple furniture plans without any previous experience.

Plan your furniture layout

Forget about making costly mistakes or breaking the bank. With Interior Design 3D, you will never face these troubles. In this article, we will walk you through the functions of this furniture placement software and teach you how to use them, which will be just enough for you to start on your first furniture layout.

How to Place Furniture in a Room With No Extra Trouble

Wanna make a well-thought-out layout and fit all the necessary furniture into your room? Then follow these 3 steps to create a digital plan you can refer to:

Add a room

Step 1. Draw a Room Plan or Adapt a Template

Have a floor plan of your unfurnished house or apartment? Start by creating its digital copy. Open Interior Design 3D, click New Project, then select Start Drawing to make a square room or a room of any other shape.

Already have a digital plan? Switch to Import Floor Plan and upload it to the furniture arrangement software. If you only have a sketch, go to Sample Floor Plans, choose a template, and adjust it to your room dimensions. While on the Project tab, add all the necessary windows, doors, walls, staircases, and columns.

Step 2. Arrange Furniture & Set Dimensions

Once your floor plan is done, arrange furniture in the rooms. Stay on the Project tab and choose from the great variety of virtual furniture and decor items.

Use the Ruler tool in the bottom left to see how much space is left between objects and decide whether it’s enough for you. Just click at the start end, drag your mouse to the other end and then let go of your mouse button. As you drag, the tool will measure the area and display the measurement units in inches or centimeters (whichever you prefer).

Select furniture items for rooms
Take a virtual tour

Step 3. Customize Furniture & Take a Virtual Tour

Once you finish laying out the furniture, move on to decorating. Customize the furniture items and adjust their size in the Properties tab. In the Material folder, choose from Stone, Wood, Leather, Fabric, and Metal options and try them on your pieces of furniture. Use the scale slider to adjust the pattern size.

When you are through with furniture customization, take a little tour of your room. Click Virtual visit in the bottom left. Visualize your room and see if the furniture fits and its colors and textures match.

Need a convenient furniture arrangement tool to plan a cozy home?
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DownloadOnly 80 MB

Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Arrange Furniture in a Room Like a Pro Designer

Living room design example

Create Your Living Room

Draw a unique family space with a marvelous couch and a fabulous fireplace to invite your friends and relatives over and to relax with your loved ones on holidays.

Bedroom design example
Plan Your Cozy Bedroom

Make a homey room in calming colors with a warm floor, adorable small nightstands, and a comfortable bed to provide you with a good night’s sleep.

Dining room design example
Rethink Your Dining Room

Organize an inviting place in your house with a gorgeous round table and beautiful tall chairs to have your family meals and gatherings with friends.

Stress-Free Furniture Arrangement

Floor planning programs used to be very difficult for non-professionals. However, it is no longer like that. Interior Design 3D is excellent furniture planning software suitable for people with no previous experience. It is so intuitive even a total newbie can master it on the go. With its help, you can place the furniture in your rooms without spending too much money on a designer.

What’s more, this furniture arranging tool is available 24/7. That allows you to rearrange the furniture, trying different configurations, until you have your best draft and the certainty that everything you planned will fit in your room. Why sacrifice comfort and emotional balance, searching for a designer? Plan your furniture placement yourself in Interior Design 3D.