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Decided to design your own bathroom? It’s not an easy task: you need to squeeze lots of things into a very small space. Should you go for a bathroom with a shower to fit in larger vanities or stick with a bath for convenience? Balancing between personal comfort and style can be a real challenge.

With powerful bathroom design software, you can not only reduce your costs but also create a bathroom design you really want. In this case, Interior Design 3D will be your perfect choice: ready-made floor plans for apartments and rooms, a huge collection of materials and a virtual walkthrough are at your full disposal. What’s more, its 2D bathroom planner is very easy to master, so it’ll save your precious time.

How to Design a Bathroom in 4 Simple Steps

With this 3D bathroom planner, you need to follow just 4 simple steps to recreate your future bathroom from choosing its dimensions to picking suitable tiles or curtains.

Add a room

Step 1. Draw a Room of the Required Size

If you have already found some bathroom layout ideas on the Internet, you can bring them to life and create your design from scratch. Start a new project. Simply draw your room: make a left click and drag the cursor to create a wall. Finish drawing the bathroom at the starting point. Click Show dimensions to see the total wall length.

Need a 7x10 bathroom or 5x8 bathroom? Drag the walls to resize your room. Want to add other rooms to your plan? Insert pre-designed shapes to save yourself time.

Step 2. Decorate Your Bathroom With Style

Move to Properties. Pick a suitable material for the room walls - just hit the folder icon under the Walls tab. Switch to Wall Tiles and select the texture you like. You can change its scale just by moving a slider. Switch to the Floor tab and pick the best flooring material.

Click Add Lights and choose a lamp for your bathroom. Click Show lamp sizes to see which one will definitely fit in. Hit Add to Scene and place it on your plan. Select new textures for the lamp base, arms and glass.

Select materials for walls
Add furniture

Step 3. Furnish Your Bathroom in the 3D Mode

Now click Add a door and pick one from the built-in collection: Standard, Double or Arched doors. Adjust the door size and design. Pick a new material for any part of the door: frame, handles, hinges, etc. Change the door opening direction by dragging its edge on the 2D plan.

Go back to the Project tab and click Add furniture. In the Bathroom section, you will find all the necessary things: a shower, a bathtub, vanities, etc. You can rotate and move the objects if needed. Switch to the 3D view and take a closer look at the bathroom floor plan you’ve created.

Step 4. View and Save the Bathroom

With this bathroom planning tool, you can make a virtual visit and see how your creation looks in reality. Switch to the Virtual Visit tab and use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move around. You can press the arrow keys on your keyboard as well.

Satisfied with the result? Click Save to keep your bathroom drawing as a PDF file, or hit Print to get your hands on it right away. You can print the 2D floor plan and the 3D picture on the same page if needed.

Save the bathroom

Bathroom Drawing Done With Ease

Interior Design 3D is an easy-to-use 3D bathroom planner. With this program, you can save both your time and money. No more need to hire a professional designer: upload your own sketch, try different solutions before the actual construction starts, experiment with modern and classic styles, and much more.

Get a detailed plan with dimensions in no time - try Interior Design 3D for free. Just download it from the official website and create your dream bathroom without any undue efforts!